Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The "T" in Design

One last letter to consider when designing elements in a painting. The letter "T" has a horizontal line and a vertical line. Again, where the two lines meet is a good place to put the focal point. You've seen this painting before, but probably didn't think of it as an upside down "T".

The tower of the lighthouse is obviously the vertical; the horizontals are the fence and the walkway. Where they meet, I placed the old keeper and his faithful pooch.

By the way, the only dog I seem to put in my paintings is the lab. No poodles or chihuahuas need apply!

Today I gave a one day workshop, and five wonderful ladies braved the cold, damp gray day to paint with me at Tower Grove Park. Thanks to them all! Hope you finally got some coffee!


  1. Yes, I recognize that dog! Saw it today at Tower Grove Park!
    Thanks for a great day of learning and painting and next time..... will some one bring the coffee?
    Though, once the wonderful demo was over and we started to paint, that was all the caffeine we needed!

  2. Thanks, Rosie! You all were such troopers! I enjoyed sharing with you today. Everyone was so open to trying new things. Happy painting!