Monday, April 18, 2011

Paint What You Know

Last week I had a visit with a friend from New Hampshire who was in St. Louis to talk to the students of Parks Aviation College.  Betsy is a retired pilot who flew 757's for UPS.  She brought along the sketchbooks that she's been making of her workplace for the last few years.  There are sketches of the planes on the tarmac, her co-workers, and from the cockpit of the clouds and weather formations she observed.  It's all accompanied by wonderful explanations and descriptions of what she's depicting, and makes for a fascinating look at aviation from the pilot's point of view.

I've said it before:  Drawing is essential, no matter if you are a realist, impressionist or abstract expressionist.  Sketching and drawing should be a regular and routine part of keeping your hand and eye ready.  Sketch your daily surroundings, your workplace, and the people around you. 

Here are a couple of Betsy's sketches.  Thanks for sharing, Betsy!

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