Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Colors

I've had the same colors on my palette for ages.  I know how they combine with other colors, and which ones to use to mix up a warm or cool gray.  But this summer I decided I needed to shake things up a bit and have tentatively added a few new flavors to the mix. 

I'm still not sure I would recommend that an absolute beginner buy every color note offered by the manufacturers.  Get to know the basics:  a warm and cool of each primary and a couple of earth tones ought to do it.  Gradually, you can experiment with one or two new colors if you find a reason to.  It is very important that you know your color goals as well.  Since I'm gravitating towards more inventive and arbitrary colors to make color a statement that is every bit as important as the choice of subject matter, it only makes sense to expand my choices.

Here's today's effort, which utilizes Quinacrodone Rose. (It took forever for my tongue to get around that one!)

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