Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Travel Paintings

                                                               "Newport Harbor"
When I'm travelling long distance by car, I always keep my French easel on top of the suitcases just in case I get an urge to paint.  But I can't remember a time when I've been willing to spend a couple hours painting in lieu of seeing as much as I can during a limited visit.

So photographs are the answer.  On the way home from Maine this year, I veered off course to Newport, Rhode Island.  So much to see:  the mansions on Bellevue Drive, the cliff walk, Ocean drive, the tree lined, cobblestone streets of downtown, the wharves.  So the easel stayed in the trunk.

When I arrived home, I was able to filter all the sights and sensations of the place.  The one lasting impression I have of Newport is the harbor and the scene of the America's Cup races.  The bridge out of Newport over to Jamestown Island  was impressive and heart shaking, as I would soon have to drive over it!  Here it is, seen from Goat Island and its lighthouse, in all its magnificent, terrifying altitude!

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