Friday, November 11, 2011

The Demo

Last night the members of the Art World Association here in St. Louis invited me to give them a demo at their monthly meeting.  I was a bit nervous as I planned to do a painting using the technique I've been doing for a while now which starts without any drawn plans.  Facing a totally empty white piece of paper with no preconceived notion of what the end product will look like is normally daunting;  doing it in front of an audience is nearly paralyzing!

I gave them two choices:  horizontal or vertical format?  warm or cool colors? They chose a warm, horizontal theme.

I then proceeded to carve out the whites.  Look carefully at the four corners of the finished painting and you'll see that they are all different sizes, shapes and directions.

Then I started placing the midtones, defining the normal objects found around a working dock.
Last came the carefully chosen placements of darks.  I think the final product has a vibration and movement that resounds with the energy around a seaside dock.

Thanks again to the Art World Association for having me!

I'm going to try to move on to some new subjects next week.  Tune in again soon!

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