Monday, December 5, 2011

Dry Spells

For a variety of reasons, most artists go through periods when their productivity drops off dramatically.
It could be illness, depression, confusion about direction, lack of motivation, or time restraints.
There might be the thought that you've "lost it", that you've run out of ideas, that you'll never be able to paint anything good again.

I've experienced this phenomenon several times.  The upside of this, unfortunately not known at the time you're experiencing the dry spell, is that it sometimes signals a breakthrough is on the horizon.  It is often my observation that while the hand is not busy, the brain is still thinking through problems and their possible solutions.

When this happens, I find myself going back to the basics:  values, design, color dominance....
I also tend to go back to very small paintings in the hope that if it isn't a serious attempt, if I'm only playing around, I have nothing to lose.  It frees up the hand and the brain.

Now....if I can only take my own advice!

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