Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Plein Air and Secondary Colors

Since I've been here on the panhandle of Florida, it's either been too windy, too chilly or too rainy to paint outside.  I painted some real "dogs" in my room.  I think it was primarily because I was painting with the board flat.  I'm used to the action created when the board is vertical and gravity does its wonderful mixing on the page. 

I also decided on a secondary triad--green orange and purple--for the color scheme.  It may not be an accurate reproduction of some of the neutrals I got, or the warmth of the greens, but I enjoyed limiting my palette.  And yes, artists do make conscious decisions about color choices. 

This effort also made use of painting the negative space to pop out the foreground trees.  The distant trees were painted with more neutralized light and positive shapes of the trees. 

Happy New Year!

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