Friday, March 29, 2013

Monochromatic Color

                                    Hesper and the Luther Little

A silhouette can be more powerful than a detailed depiction of a subject's parts.  And when the silhouette carries the day, a monochromatic color choice makes sense.  Besides, you wouldn't want to describe the rotting hulls of two shipwrecked schooners with colors from the Mardi Gras!

Using a monochromatic color scheme will force attention to values  and accurate shapes.  Sometimes going back to the basics is good practice.

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  1. Don't have and don't want a Google account, but I follow you regularly. It's like having a private mini-lesson. Don't stop!!

  2. Hey, Sandy, Thanks for your comment! It's good to know I have regular readers. When days and days go by and no one leaves even a reaction, I wonder if it's worth the effort. Thanks for your support!

  3. Hey Carol, don't stop ! I follow you regurlarly, and a I enjoy reading your blog. I learn a lot, and I thanck you for your effort. I'm very intesrested by contrasts, way of light, values etc... I'm a french woman, and I love and practice watercolor.

  4. Thanks, Ecarlate. Please spread the word. I've been locked in at 66 followers for about a year, and rarely get mor than 4 reactions per entry. It helps to know some people find value in my little postings.

  5. Hi Carol,
    Please keep going with your blog! I read it, drool over your watercolors and even try some ideas at home. Your thoughtful explanations and practical approach to composition and value are very useful to me.

    Your effort is appreciated. I'm a student from India, and I love watercolor, but as every student of watercolors has found, it can be quite frustrating. Your commentary has helped me a lot.

  6. Thanks! There's nothing in paint so beautiful as a clean crisp watercolor. I love to paint them, and as long as I do, I will keep posting them and trying to help others on their watercolor journey!

  7. Hi Carol
    Since I've discovered your blog (was searching for some Robert E. Wood stuff and I found your paintings and blog) , I read every new entry from you and I read slowly throu all your entries from the very first one. I enjoy them very much. You're a fantastic teacher and entertainer. Your paintings and your art knowledge are very precious to me. Please keep them comming. Best wishes.

  8. Thanks, Anton! Feedback is wonderful

    Thanks, Anton,

    Feedback is soo encouraging! It's nice to know I have regular readers. I'm getting back into the swing of things here in Maine now that I'm settled in for the summer. Check in again soon. And don't forget my workshop up here in Boothbay Harbor August 29 - Sept. 2.

    1. P.S. Have you considered becoming a follower?