Sunday, May 5, 2013

Test Time

Here's your chance to critique one of my paintings.  I deliberately chose this one for its imperfections.
There are strong and weak qualities present. Feel free to comment on both.

Scroll down through my past entries and leave some comments about values, composition, color choice, shapes, or any other subjects I've covered in the last 450+  posts.

Can't wait for your commentaries!

P.S.  Sorry for my absence.  I haven't been painting due to asthma problems.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Carol. I also paint in watercolor and came across your blog as i was looking for lighthouses. You combine the things I love about watercolor...looseness, mixing on paper, and the dynamic strokes that give your paintings life. As far as this painting goes, I love the variation in color in the trees and how they are detailed without being messy. If I was forced to find something to change I might leave out the rocks that are in the close foreground, but one can go either way with that. Hard to find negatives! It's got a more controlled, finished look than some of your other pieces. Love the impressionist colors!