Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Disappearing Subjects

                                    Ocean Point Marina

When you paint boats in the harbor, it's not uncommon for the boat you picked out to paint to sail away.
But in a boatyard?  I had just finished the drawing of this scene on the watercolor paper when along came a boatyard worker with a cradle and hauled it away to the launching ramp!  I had my easel all set up and the drawing was finished, so I decided to forge ahead.  But I was standing in front of a big empty space, painting a boat that wasn't there, so I got a lot of strange looks!

But the worst case happened a few years back.  I was down on Boothbay Common painting a small Victorian cottage.  Halfway through the painting, a flatbed trailer pulled up, they jacked up the house,  loaded it up on the flatbed and hauled it away!  Now if you can't depend on a house staying put, I ask you, what can you count on??!

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