Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brush Choice

For many years, I used flat brushes almost exclusively.  They covered more territory quickly.  And if I wanted a straight line, a flat usually did the trick.

These days, though, I usually begin with a mop brush with a fine point.  The difference is that the strokes I make with a round brush are much more spontaneous and tend to move in more directions. They still carry a lot of water which is important when trying to extend a color or value.

As for straight lines, by pressing a round flat against the paper and then stroking it quickly in one direction, the line stays just as straight as with a flat.  The round brushes seem to hold more water and can therefore spread the paint farther without replenishing it.

In summary, the rounds lead me to be more spontaneous, to paint faster, and achieve an effect that is more impressionistic than the careful strokes of a flat brush. 

Experimentation never ends!

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