Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Getting Ready

Tomorrow is the first of 4 half day workshops I'm giving in St. Charles, Missouri.  This time the emphasis will be on values and shapes, and then creating bold color statements.  Of the two, I think that the preparation for distinct values and creating interesting, energetic shapes is the more important one.  I used to skip over this when teaching, reasoning that I had the values in my head.  Students could see the shapes I had devised because the drawing was on the page.  But they were not mind readers, and they couldn't see the plan as to where I was going to put the darks, midtones and values.

Now I see that is exactly where most students need help.  Having a clear plan helps speed up the paint application process which keeps the painting fresh and transparent. 

Here's tomorrow's subject with values.

A reminder:  I am available for workshops in your area!

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