Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Demo

Lately I've been emphasizing the importance of the value sketch as a prelude to painting.  There are enough decisions to make while painting;  pre-planning an important one like value placement is paramount.  Because watercolor is such a fast drying medium, knowing where the big shapes and their associated values will be located is a big factor in the outcome.  Mixing up a puddle large enough and dark enough to cover that area requires a plan.

This is the demo that I did for the Art World Association at their monthly meeting last week.  I had the value sketch in front of me so they could see what I was thinking as I was in the process of painting.  Without that roadmap, neither they nor I could guess what I was thinking as I painted.

 I also find value sketches and drawings extremely satisfying in their own right.  I have dozens of sketchbooks that I've kept throughout the years.  Many times instead of going through hundreds of photos looking for subject matter, I pull out a sketchbook and thumb through it for inspiration.  And then, half the work is already done.  Whatever makes our work easier!

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