Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wet-Into-Wet, Gradation, and dry brush.....

                              Hendrick's Head Lighthouse    "22 X 30"

I'm so happy to announce my 6th summer workshop in Boothbay Harbor, Maine    July 20 - 24th. 
Contact me at    or call me:  314-968-5567.     This is a beautiful area with loads of subject matter.   Check out this painting of one of our painting sites. 

Lessons change every summer.  I still encourage beginners as well as seasoned painters to come enjoy the Boothbay Region, and to try out new techniques and especially to figure out how to begin a new painting. 

This is Hendrick's Head Lighthouse.  I've painted it at least a hundred times, but never tire of the challenge of different ways to approach the subject.

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