Monday, August 10, 2015

Popham Beach

1.  The Sky:     I wetted the surface of the paper thoroughly with a natural sponge.  That kept the area
wet longer.  I painted the clouds and their shadows first, then cut around them with a variety of blues.

2.  The Beach:   In both the sandy part of the beach and the grasses bordering it, I went from rough textures to smooth.  The only detailed grasses are in the foreground; then
individual  clusters of grass, and out by the buildings, the grass was one big shape.  As I painted the grass, I was constantly switching from warm to cool, wet in wet.

3.  The Buildings:  I left the white paper on the sunlit side of the buildings.  Study the shapes there, and you'll see that there are a variety of shapes:  triangles, rectangles, and a backwards "L" shape.  I also left a bit of untouched white paper on the beach to help it relate to the buildings. 

Popham Beach is a great place to visit even if you are not a painter.

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