Sunday, September 13, 2015


                                 "Leading the Parade"

For the past few months, I've been concentrating on the first stage of the painting process.  Wet-into-wet in the first stage provides a contrast to the hard edges to come in the second stage.  When soft, wet-into wet areas predominate, the hard edges stand out in contrast, providing a focal area.  You can also use brush stroke directions in the wet-into-wet areas to indicate movement.  In this painting of a tug boat leading the windjammers into the harbor, the brush strokes are mimicking the obliques of the sails.  The water is also gradated with the wet-into-wet technique.  Some of the sails are described with hard edges while others are 'lost' in soft edges. 

I used to use a large brush to achieve the wet-into-wet technique, but now I use a small natural sponge to pre-wet the paper.  The paint seems to soak in better once the sponge removes the sizing on the paper.  The second stage must be applied when the paper is completely dry to accomplish the hard edges.

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