Sunday, November 15, 2015

Painting in a Series

There are advantages and disadvantages in painting in a series.  Advantages include not having to decide on a subject.  You can concentrate on composition.  Color becomes less of a problem because you can draw on choices you made in the previous works. In the series The Bridges of Acadia, I was able to explore the contrasts of the complementary colors red and green.  Using pink helped set off the dominant greens. 

Disadvantages also come with repeating those two colors and the subject.  As you become more comfortable with developing color choices and applying them to your subject, there also comes the risk of becoming rather formulaic.  So deciding when to end a series will keep you on your toes and lead you to new explorations of color as well as subject matter.

Still, I like to paint bridges.  Maybe next I'll attack the trite subject of covered bridges.

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