Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Painting Getaway

Between the election and some personal health concerns, I needed a break.  So yesterday I joined a small group from the St. Louis Watercolor Society at Trout Lodge in Potosi, Missouri which is an hour and a half from my home for a day of plein air painting.  It was a bright, sunny day with perfect temps.  And I can testify that painting beside a babbling brook is most restorative!

My friend and fellow painter Dave Anderson did a great job of setting all this up.  We teamed up and painted near each other in both the morning and afternoon.  This is an old watermill near a trout pond.

Back to the main lodge for a buffet lunch and camaraderie with my fellow artists.

I was not as happy with my second effort but will post it all the same.

Driving back to St. Louis, with the sun low in the sky, was a delight.  The trees on the hills seemed to be lit up from the inside with that special orange glow.  The nearly full moon was on the rise, and sunset was cloud-perfect.  I was most content and ready to go out again soon.

So when you get a nice day, don't waste it.  Get out there and paint.  If nothing else, it will keep your mind off your troubles!

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