Saturday, February 25, 2017


I've had a rough two and a half months recuperating from open heart surgery.  All sorts of complications ensued.  I'm home for a while, but face more surgery in a month or so.  I haven't been thinking about painting or blogging until just now when I discovered that my blog is listed on a site naming the top 60 watercolor blogs!  I'm #50! Google    Top 60 Watercolor BlogSpot.

So maybe today I'll try to do a little painting.  Meanwhile, here's a tablescape I drew on my paper tablecloth in Apalachicola last winter.  I should be in Florida right now, but alas....There's always next year!

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  1. Hi Carol..I'm in same situation (stroke on 6th December, open surgery on 29th on december, a lot of complications).Luckily, I'm on home last 2 weeks and no way to recovery brush and water at the moment.. I hope our recovery run well (even slowly) and see your outstanding paintings again in the near future... Regards!