Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm choosing to show the midway point in this painting of the Kirkwood Farmers' Market to make a point about saving the whites to form a passageway through the painting.  Rather than think about objects, concentrate on weaving the whites.

I decided to eliminate the background noise of trees and sky in favor of a dominant yellow/orange palette.  That led to a secondary palette of orange, purple and green.   I used combinations of those colors to surround the whites. I then started painting some darks from the inside outward, grading the values so that the whites "pop" where the darks and lights meet.  Textures also remain in the central part of the page, thus subordinating the borders. 

This stage of the painting tells you more about how to link objects into shapes that are interesting and lead the viewer around the parts of the  painting that I want to emphasize. 

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