Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matching the Sofa

A little while ago I looked up at the painting over my fireplace.  It was a break-through painting when I painted it nearly twenty years ago. But I've been fiddling with the decor in my living room, and wanted a painting that would not only be an example of my latest style, but also come in aid of the red accents in the room these days.  Luckily, we painters have the option of swapping out old paintings fairly easily.

Sometime it became chic to say that you shouldn't mind, and even be proud of the fact that a painting doesn't match your sofa.  I understand that you shouldn't let the colors of your furniture and accent pieces interfere with your love of a particular piece of art.  But one of the elements of design is repetition which comes in aid of harmony.  Why not let the painting complement the decor and vice versa? 

So here's my effort to match the pillows on the sofa.  It's a full sheet (22" X 30"). 

1 comment:

  1. it's great!
    would love to see the 20 yr old painting as well! what did you have over your sofa before this one?