Saturday, July 21, 2012

Green, Green, It's Green They Say..

The overwhelming amount of green in summer landscapes requires that we think about how to handle so much of the same color. Here are some suggestions:

1.  Use values to describe the different planes of green.  Dark greens in the foreground, mid-tone greens in the middle ground and lighter greens in the background.

2. Use color temperature to distinguish between foreground, middle ground and distance.
    Light cool greens in the background, neutral greens in the middle ground, and warm dark greens in   the foreground.

3. Or, in the case of this rendition of pines along the coast, use arbitrary colors to avoid the problem of greens altogether. 

In "Ocean Island Beach,"  I tried to employ all three ideas.  But my biggest concern was not to let the color green so completely overwhelm the painting by repeating the same green color in all planes.  Repetition and dominance are one thing;  boredom resulting from no contrasting relief colors is quite another.

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