Friday, November 15, 2013

Working in a Series

                          "Trees at Cat Point"

In preparation for a demo I gave last night at a local art group's monthly meeting, I did a series of paintings on the subject of the demo: trees.  This painting combined my focus this summer on shadows with the assigned topic of trees.  I loved the way the shadows fell, reaching out toward the viewer. 

It helps to have a clear message for the viewer.  "Look at this!", the work seems to shout.  "Look at these shadows, these trees, these colors.  Enjoy them as much as I do."  Working on this series deepened my love for all things arborial, and I found myself looking at trees more intently.  And isn't that what art teaches us?  To see instead of glancing, to notice instead of walking by on our way to some other treasure?  To sip with a deep eye the wonder the world is.

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