Thursday, July 17, 2014

Complementary Colors

Red and green....Complementary colors.  Neutralized red, neutralized green, warm bridge house, warm beach, and that warm spot of red on the clam digger.  The red of the clam digger's shirt is contrasted against the green reflections in the water to his right.  Grays on the other buildings except for the bridge house which is bathed in warmer neutralized colors.  Also the footbridge itself is a neutralized red.  So basically, this painting is comprised of red and green complements, sometimes pure, but more often, the reds and greens are neutralized by the complement to form grays away from the center of interest.

The bridge house and the clam digger are both on the thirds with warmer colors, while everything on the outer edges is a neutralized gray made from those two colors. 

Complementary color schemes are only one of several subjects concerning color that I'll be teaching about at my September workshop here in Boothbay Harbor....Sept. 8th - 12th.  Please consider coming  to enjoy painting in this lovely area at a great time of year.  Contact:

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