Thursday, July 10, 2014

Knowing the Reason

On Wednesdays, the Plein Air Painters of Maine meet in different locations around the peninsula.  Yesterday we went to Hendrick's Head Light, which we've all painted a hundred times.  So some of us painted the old Victorian house overlooking the beach.  And a couple of us chose to paint these Adirondack chairs.

Along with many other people, I love Adirondack chairs.  They're comfortable and look inviting.  But yesterday it was the light falling on these two--- on the top left corner, the up-facing arm rests, and the top of the seat---that took my breath away.

Knowing what enthralls, delights and summons you to your subject will give you a sense of purpose in your painting.  More and more often, for me it is the quality of the light that I seek to portray.

Stop for a moment and consider what it is you want to communicate.  Color and light are good places to start.

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