Friday, January 30, 2015


                                    "Coquina Beach"
                                                                      15" X 22"

Concentrating on values rather than color can make the painter's job much easier.  The wet-into-wet sky and foreground first wash employed yellow ochre with a touch of burnt sienna very lightly applied.  Work quickly so the colors will blend.  If you don't work fast, the page will start to dry. 

The second wash is a series of graded washes which establishes the major shapes.  Steer clear of any textures at this stage.  You can shift from cool to warm within a shape, but try to grade the wash from mid-tone to light.

Finally, suggest textures at the edges of the darker shapes.  Try to connect the darks so those areas don't "float" alone on the top of your previous washes.  This is also the time for some calligraphic marks and accents.

Three steps:  Wet-into-wet for soft edges.  Graded shapes for the midtones.  And dark shapes with some textures at the last stage.  And that's how you K.I.S.S.  (Keep it simple, Stupid!)

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