Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back Home In Maine

First there was packing.  Then there was hauling all my stuff down to the car.  Then the long drive to New Hampshire where I had hoped to get three days of painting in, but alas, it rained the entire stay.  Finally I arrived in Maine, but there are always the start up chores:  banking, grocery shopping, gardening, etc.  Then the weather was rainy and cold.  Today, the chores were done, the weather was perfect, and I headed out to do what I come here for. 

What to paint my first day out?  I have certain go-to locations, and this time I chose the end of the pier at Sample's Shipyard.  I must have painted this two dozen times, but it's nearly a ready made composition, so I don't have to struggle too much on the first outing of the season.  I also have painted this boat every summer.  Getting back in the routine, for me, means going back to the basics: getting the drawing right, figuring out the values, and remembering the procedures. 

I'm sure that later in the summer I'll experiment again, and that will be fun, or maybe a challenge.  But for now, I just needed to swing the brush again!  More to follow without such a wait.  Thanks for your patience.

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