Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adding Elements That Weren't There

This painting was done from a photograph that I took way back in 1973 on a trip to the Spanish island of  Ibiza in the Mediterranean.  The little girl, the old well, the trees and the wall were all in the photo.  The wall was barely visible, but I decided that I needed it to provide a much need horizontal.  To make it more prominent, I added some mountains in the background for a value contrast.

Then the problem was that there was nothing going on to break up the white space and the straight line of the wall which was pointing out of the painting.  So I decided to add a clothesline.  I also added a woman hanging the clothes.  I still needed a bit more action, so I threw in a couple of goats and two chickens. 

Notice, too, that the cast shadows are less and less textured as you move away from the center of interest, allowing the figure to remain the center of interest.

Use a little imagination and add components that enhance the composition and the story element to your painting.

Don't give up on me for the next week or so.  I'm hitting the road to return to my beloved Maine for the summer.  I'll be stopping in New Hampshire and northwestern Maine and may be able to squeeze in a few paintings on the way.  (I always put my easel on top of the suitcases for easy access in case I'm tempted by a scene!)  If I do, I'll post them.   See you in Maine!

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