Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I've taken a leisurely trip back to Maine this year; six nights on the road.  On the way, I've stopped at several waterfalls, most enjoyably, Dingman's Falls in far eastern Pennsylvania, Jackson Falls in New Hampshire, and Small Falls, just south of Rangeley, Maine.  Yesterday I painted Small Falls.  Hazard of plein air painting?  I was gobbled on by black flies.  The suckers anaesthetize you and then bite until they draw blood, which is when you finally notice you've been attacked. 

Anyway, I should have gotten hazardous duty pay yesterday.  It did, however, force me to paint quickly.  But the scene was lovely and the sound of the rushing water was mesmerizing.  I stood on an old log bridge, relishing the warm weather and blue skies.

Now I'm here in Maine settling in for the summer.  Don't forget to sign up soon for my workshop here in Boothbay Harbor.....August 29 - September 2.  Tuition remains steady at $400.  Contact me at:   

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