Sunday, July 24, 2016

Afraid of the Dark

Nothing says sunlight like the inclusion of some really bold darks in a painting.  Oftentimes, my students are afraid of glazing a very dark value over an area for fear of ruining their painting, when actually it might enhance it.

The good news is that, because watercolor dries lighter than the wash looks when it is wet, the addition of a dark shouldn't be so frightening. 

At a certain point in my artistic development, I would often get to a stage in a painting where I thought all was lost.  That is when I discovered the power of adding a dark.  I thought, what do I have to lose?  In many cases, the dark would provide just the "punch" that was needed.

Be bold in the lights and midtones, and fearless when adding darks!

This is a scene that is familiar to everyone on the Boothbay peninsula.  The Civil war statue and the town office are part of the very quaint center of the town of Boothbay.

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