Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lots to Consider

While I was designing this composition, I had so many things to think about.  The accuracy of the drawing, the placement of the boats, the size of the boats, the number of boats, the color contrast.

l.  Papa, Mama, Baby.  The size of the boats.

2.  Obliques supply the action.

3.  On the thirds:  The "star" boat.

4.  The modeling of the sails.

5.  The muted colors.

6.  The rhythm of the water as told by the swing of my brush.

7.  How much detail to include to tell the story of the rigging without overdoing it.

I often tell my students to avoid the temptation to depict waves and reflections with hard, parallel lines.  Also, white sails are often darker than the sky, and the sky doesn't always have to be blue.  In this case, it would have been too jarring and would drag your eye up where I didn't want it to go.  I left the sky white until the very end, and then just used dirty water to hint at some distant clouds.

I love the design of Friendship sloops.  Meant for hauling freight, they nevertheless have a gracefulness, especially in the lovely curve of the bow.  I'll be painting more of them very soon.

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