Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Leaky Light

Last time I urged that painters look for ways to link their darks. This post, I want to remind you that lights should be connected, too. I've called this both "escape routes" and "leaky light."

In this painting, the light flowing across the beach hits the port side of the bow, so I've left the edge of the bow unpainted. Your eye fills in where the boat stops and the beach begins. That builds an interesting shape that a flat horizontal line could not accomplish.

"The Oystermen of Eastpoint" often meet where they launch their boats to discuss the last catch, the latest prices, or whether or not today would be a good day for fishing. Sometimes after thinking about going out for two hours, they'll decide to pack it in and wait 'til tomorrow. I imagine that's what the good ol' boys by the truck are doing. And if they've had to think about it this long, they're probably not going!


  1. I find your blog entries very helpful. Self taught artists need the information you write about, especially when we see concrete examples.
    thanks. Bobbie J.

  2. Thanks, Bobbie,
    Your readership is important to me. Help spread the word to your fellow painters. And good painting to you!