Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Scipio Creek in Apalachicola harbors the local shrimp boats, so when I saw this tugboat, its color and height stood out.

Just curious....I'm wondering how many folks are reading my blog entries. So I have a request. Would you leave a reaction or comment for this entry? Even if you are a Follower, I'd like to get a sense for how many are regularly reading.

Thanks so much! Carol


  1. I love your work. You are a master of watercolor! Any artist interested in learning the techniques of painting with this difficult medium should study your work and read your blog. It is very informative.

  2. Thanks, Stan! Your steady readership is important to me. I'm glad my instruction is helpful to you. Please spread the word to your fellow painters!

  3. Hi Ms. Jessen! I'm a regular reader, mostly regular means I catch up on all my favorites once a week. This painting reminds me a lot of the one you picked out for my mom to give me as a high school graduation present!