Wednesday, July 14, 2010


About five years ago, I was painting over at the Sea Pier, trying to do a most accurate rendering of the dock scene.  It was a total flop.  In frustration and some anger, I flipped the paper over and just started throwing paint around.  Then I started to "find" buildings and signs in the color field.  With nothing to lose, I had gained the freedom to just enjoy the paint and the possibilities. 

The resulting image had no resemblance to the real dock.  But I liked the colors and the freedom I felt while painting.  It had taken me to a new level of expression.  That began a series of paintings in which I rediscovered color and imaginative approaches, and replaced realistic landscape portraits with design and color ideas.  Hard edges also started to disappear.  Painting was fun again.

So if you're frustrated or even have a temper tantrum as I did on that day, use it to your advantage.  Let the brush fly.  You can always impose discipline and design on your next paintings.  But once your brush experiences true freedom, it will want to be let loose again and again.  And I say, Let her rip!

P.S.  I have enlarged the print for easier reading.  Let me know if you like the change or not.

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  1. Yes I like it. As I like your beautiful work and your knowledge you share with us. Thank You very much. Best Wishes Anton.