Saturday, July 3, 2010

Green, Green, It's Green They Say

Summer is the season of green, so learning how to keep foliage and grass from becoming monotonous and muddied is a worthwhile study.
First, think about varying the values of the foliage masses.
Second, try to create warm greens, cool greens, and even non-greens.
Next, mix the greens on the paper instead of mixing up an homogenous green on the palette and then using it everywhere. Use a tube green, modified with one yellow, then another yellow, then burnt sienna, then a blue, then a red.
Finally, think in terms of shapes, not textures. Be aware of the shape and create
textures at the edge of the shape, not in the interior. Some indication
of textures in the foreground will create interest and variation.
This is the local swimming hole at Lobster Cove.

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