Friday, July 16, 2010

Zoom In

When looking at a landscape possibility,  your eyes are capable of taking in a 180+ degree panorama, but including that much subject matter in one painting is not only daunting, it is probably a design and focal point killer.  If you try to include everything in your painting, the painting idea will almost certainly be lost in a forest of details.

The best solution is to zoom in on one area to focus your viewpoint and the viewer's attention.

This painting of a tug illustrates a decision to eliminate much of the vessel in order to create a "T" design.  By omitting the background and rest of the tug, the wheel house is clearly the focal point and the subject of the painting. 
Zoom, Zoom!


  1. This focus suggestion is good Carol, as are all of your suggestions.
    I really like your blogs.
    Maybe you can visit mine and offer a few suggestions?

  2. Thanks, John,
    I'll visit it, and get back to you. How did you find my blog? Where are you? Thanks for leaving a comment. I never know how many people are reading this. It is encouraging to hear from readers. Spread the word!
    Best, Carol