Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Early Influence

My plein air group went to a local farm last week.  While the barn and farmhouse are wonderful subjects, I've painted them numerous times.  This time I turned to the woods surrounding the barnyard.

When I first took up watercolor, John Pike's book Watercolor was a major source of inspiration and information.  One lesson concerned the portrayal of "woods trash" in which Pike showed how he came forward in value, color and size.  That lesson came in handy for this subject of a woodshed.


  1. Great painting Carol. I like the way you used colors and made the background trees and bush lighter.
    I'm doing a painting now with lots of bush as background, and this painting has given me a lot of ideas.


  2. Thanks, Ted! Since trees are such an important component of landscape painting, it's good to know how to suggest them in the background. By the way, where are you writing from?

  3. I'm up in Kamloops, BC Canada.