Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hurricane Earl

Thank goodness, Earl went out to sea. It rained overnight, but now it's a bright sunny day!  The best part of these storms that go by is that they kick up the surf.  It's a spectacle not to be missed!

Painting surf in watercolor is difficult.  I've used up many a sheet of good watercolor paper trying to depict its force while trying also to capture its grace.  Too many hard edges will make the waves look cut out.  Too many soft edges and you've got cotton candy.  The only suggestion I can make is to study the repeating waves.  Watch what happens along the top.  Then study the fold of the wave.  Look for shadows in the foam.  Make many drawings before even attempting a painting.

Frustrating as it is to paint wild surf, it's worth the struggle just to be able to witness the power and beauty of a breaking wave.

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