Monday, August 13, 2012

Seasonal Subjects

The never-ending search for subject matter can be frustrating.  But if you pay attention to the things you love at each time of the year, you will surely have some subjects that mean something to you.  August in Maine is Queen Anne's Lace month.  They spring up along the roadside everywhere.  I guess they are weeds, but I still love them.

The temptation when painting flowers plein air is to paint the background accurately.  This group of QAL was backed up by rocks and surf.  Since the flowers are ubiquitous, I chose a quiet shore where I could catch a breeze and listen to the surf while painting.  But the painting is about the flowers, not the rocks and the surf. 

I'm not normally a flower painter, but I love these.  So painting them was natural.  Find something you love, and show the world how it feels.

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