Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The Wednesday group here in Boothbay Harbor headed to Shipbuilder's Park this morning.  Not only are there two shipbuilders there, there's a busy marina with possibly fifty boats tied up to the floats.  In the background, there's a restaurant created from an old tugboat with all its colorful umbrellas.  Further back is the marina's buildings.  So much detail, so many objects, so many possible subjects.  The temptation is to put it all in.  But that would confuse the viewer.  Limiting the subject by eliminating the "noise" factor is absolutely vital to the success of the painting.

I decided on boats.  But it was essential that I drastically cut the number.  I limited it to four boats, with the schooner Oliver C. Weyant in the foreground.  In an old framing trick, I put it in front in order to look past it to the busy marina. The further back, the fewer details.  I used the background buildings as shapes to help pop the whites of the boats.

Remember....Don't try to paint everything in a busy scene.  Know what interests you the most, and just say that.

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