Sunday, February 17, 2013

Familiar Scenes

Many times when painting en plein air, artists return to old haunts and well known scenes.  I have sometimes felt bored and frustrated that I am forced to return to a site I have painted many, many times before. 

The challenge is to paint it in a new way, or from a slightly different angle or to use different colors.
You can also take a close-up view or a long view.  A bird's eye view or a worm's eye view.  This repetition forces us to re-think the approach and what we want to convery about an old subject.

I've painted this fountain in Bayfront Plaza here in Naples four or five times.  This time I decided to take the long view.  The surrounding architecture is always interesting to me, so this time I decided to include it.  The fountain is still the star, but the supporting actors of building, palm trees, street lights and distant statue were all interesting to me.

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