Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life in the Slow Lane

Sometimes I feel compelled to drive around, sometimes for hours, looking for the perfect spot to paint.  Even this winter while staying in the guest house of some friends in Naples, Florida, I still drive around town searching out an interesting venue.  Meanwhile, right off my porch is a peaceful little pond with a mermaid fountain.  I've painted her before, and yesterday I just felt like staying close to home.  So I set up my easel on the shore of the pond near a banana plant and painted a familiar subject.  

I certainly simplified the background which featured a pool cage tall enough to encase full grown palm trees.  Try to say only a couple of things in each painting.  A painting is not a portrait of a place.  You must take into consideration all the "rules" of composition, and sometimes that requires leaving out things that don't come in aid of the focal subject.

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