Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small World

While painting at the Naples Dock this morning, a couple dropped by and started a conversation. They asked me if I had a gallery and I said I did, but it is in Maine.  They said they love Maine and go there with their boat every summer.  I asked where, and they said, Boothbay Harbor.  "That's where my gallery is!"  They said they get off their boat and go straight to Gleason Fine Art.  "That's my gallery!"  Then they said they have bought eight of Andrea Peters paintings. And the last one they bought is hanging in their boat.   "Andrea is my friend,  next-door neighbor, and her husband is my landlord!"  Absolutely the definition of "small world!"

Here is the painting I did at the City Dock this morning. 

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  1. Hi Carol, Just found your card and checked out your blog and saw the painting you did of the same view Paul and I were painting! It looks great! Really nice work. Gail Trent Risner