Sunday, February 23, 2014

Staying Ready

Last week, I rendezvoused with some old friends in St. Petersburg, Florida.  They were driving from Tampa, and I was coming from Bradenton.  I got there first and knew it would be a bit of a wait before they arrived.  Down by The Pier, I spotted a small regatta getting ready for their sail.  Their boats were on the beach, sails raised, waiting the signal that they had enough wind to launch. When I travel, I always pack the car so that my painting gear is readily available, so I was able to quickly set up my easel and begin to paint.

If you make your supplies reachable, you are more likely to use them when an unexpected opportunity presents itself.  By contrast, if you have to unpack the suitcases to get to your equipment, you will find a handy excuse not to paint.  If you keep your sketchbook in the car, you can also record a fleeting scene while waiting.

So stay ready!  You never know when a great little scene will present itself!

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