Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Working in a Series

A couple of weeks ago when I did a painting of the Apalachicola Bridge from below, I got lots of complimentary comments.  So today, when I went to Cocquina Beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida, I decided to paint the Longboat Key bridge and beach.  It was a lovely warm day, and the paint dried quickly.  I didn't bother with a preliminary drawing; I just did the first wash and started to paint in layers with no pencil guidelines.  I enjoyed the process and the freedom of painting without so much drawing ahead of time.

I still have some time here south of Tampa before my thoughts must turn northward.  But 75 degree temperatures make the frigid north seem like a fairy tale.  Unfortunately, soon I may have to fend off the cold like most of my friends north of the Mason-Dixon Line. 

Happy Painting!

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