Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adding and Re-arranging

This tiny cabin was owned by a local doctor for many years.  There is another cabin that hangs out over the water, but it is a big rectangle.  The main house on the property is set way back in the yard leading down to the water.

So I moved the main house up and changed the little house to the left by adding a shed.

Additions included the boat and fisherman to break up the straight line of the shore.  The onlooker on the porch was also added, featuring a bright red to contrast with the neutralized grays, greens and violets.

The stantion in the foreground was actually there, but I had to move it over to stop the eye from leaving the frame. 

P.S. Note that the pilings under the cabin were not painted dark.  Rather, I painted a wash in one pass, waited for it to dry, and then carved out the negative space behind them in neutral tones.  That way, the pilings didn't command more attention than the boat and fisherman. 

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