Friday, September 30, 2016

Breathing Life Into An Old Subject

The building at the end of Sample's Boatyard pier is a favorite subject of mine.  I've painted it with boats next to it, as a silhouette against a colorful sky,  close up and far away.  This year I decided to get funky with it.  Eliminating any hint of background, I began with a simple wash of gradated colors.

Then I decided to tilt a few things to create a sense of movement and tension.  Throw in a couple of figures and some seagulls, and the painting was finished before I knew it!

The secret to a large wash is to have a very big puddle of color ready.  I also sponged the page so it was ready to receive the color.  Use a large brush to hold as much color and water as possible.  While the first wash was wet, I dashed in some other colors to provide relief from the primary color.  Above all, don't hesitate.  Paint quickly!  Otherwise, the paper will start to dry and that's when you get the proverbial "mud." 

A fresh interpretation of a familiar subject can revitalize your interest in the painting experience.

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