Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Color As Subject

While looking for something to paint yesterday, I found a photo I had taken in a historic village in Carthage, Missouri.  Since I'm in Maine, I decided to move it to the coast!  I also added some buildings that surrounded the main dockside shack.

When faced with beginning the painting, I decided that color would play the starring role.  The original building was very colorful, so I decided to exaggerate the rest of the colors as well.  I surrounded the outside shacks with warm, soft-edged colors to contrast with the cool, harder edged values of the middle building. 

Glazing played a big part in creating the colorful effects.  Some glazing was direct, painted wet-into-wet, while other colors were super-imposed on early washes after they had dried.

It was a lot to think about!

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