Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've been in Apalachicola for over four weeks but it's been so windy, cold, rainy and foggy, that not many paintings have gotten done. Yesterday I tried to paint in a fierce wind, and the easel kept threatening to blow over so I spent more time grabbing for it than I did painting!

But today was sunny and nearly windless. I decided to try a street scene so you could see one of the main corners in the historic little town. The building in the distance is an old armory. I simplified its shape to a silhouette, and then overlapped it with the darker shapes of the foreground buildings. Figures help make it look like it's not a ghost town.

See shapes before you see details within the shape. Keep any details in the distance to a minimum. The viewer, who is not standing in front of the scene, will not miss them.

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