Thursday, January 21, 2010

Overlapping Shapes

For the next few posts, I would like to show you how you can re-interpret an old subject. One of my favorite painting spots is on the eastside of Boothbay Harbor. I like the subject--an old cluttered wharf--and there's plenty of parking on the cement dock where I set up my easel. Plus, this is a spot that very few tourists find, thus allowing me uninterrupted painting.

The buildings on most docks are a rather boring shape---a rectangle. One way to tackle this problem is by using overlapping objects to break into the static shape (the oil tank). Another is by connecting the shape to other objects (the crates, figure and barrels).

A circle is also a boring shape, so I found a way to interrupt the the end of the oil tank shape with an overlap.

To avoid a straight line where the pilings meet the water, I added a rowboat and some reflections, and angled the foreground.

Overlaps provide depth, but they can also break into a shape with little or no interest.

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